Valentine’s Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 February At 10:00PM

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 February 2021

Valentine’s Day is a special day with red roses and chocolate boxes, so join the Temple of Eros at the most sensual, sexy and erotic event of the year.
Love is the most beautiful and sublime feeling that exists in the universe, which gives meaning to life and makes people fulfill their dreams and be better.
On this occasion, we dedicate this weekend entirely to lovers and those who have put love and passion at the center of their lives … Therefore, we invite all couples in love to celebrate this special day with other lovers, in an environment where communication about your sexual needs is not only justified, but encouraged.
Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated every year, is a magical day full of love and an unimaginable desire to fulfill your erotic whims because there is no purer and nobler feeling in the world. If you want to make Valentine’s Day more erotic, creative and more interesting this year, talk to your partner about swingers and come to Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest and have fun as if you were playing in your own bed room, these experiences will ensure that Valentine’s Day is not only unforgettable, but also a powerful bonding experience in the couple’s relationship.
Valentine’s Day one night with your partner with others in a sexy game, a fun designed for all couples in love to discover their sexual fantasies that they are both passionate about.❤❤❤ Come to Eros Swingers Club where you will meet wonderful people with whom you can have fun! It’s all you need, a change of scenery to diversify your mood.
Women’s dress code: we recommend red clothes and high heels, special accessories are welcome (as sexy as possible) ❤❤❤
Men’s dress code: long-sleeved shirt, matching pants.

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