Trio Swingers Party Wednesday & Thursday 29-30 January At 10:00PM

Mènage à trois at Eros Park Swingers Club in a 200 mq. location in Bucharest.
Swingers party dedicated to erotic games and fantasies … for couples, single ladies and single men !!! Come and have fun with us … you can meet many couples, single ladies and single gentlemen who, like you, love to have fun in full freedom!
A game where couples can introduce a third person to each other, without eliminating the possibility of including a couple to play 4 …. remember that couples enter for free, evenings are open to all other tendencies to involve bsex people. …. fun for everyone !!!
DRESS CODE Recommended:
Sexy dress for her, elegant or casual for him.

Chic and Transparent !!! Friday 31 Jan., Saturday & Sunday 1-2 February At 10:00PM
Hot Coffee Friday, Saturday & Sunday 24-25-26 January At 10:00PM