THE COURTESAN CARNIVAL 2019 Saturday 2 March HOUR 10:00PM

An international event that unites people from all over the world to celebrate together inside World Magic Eros Park Club Swingers.
“CARNIVAL 2019,” the most fun, hilarious and crazy Swinger Party accompanied by BRAZILIAN music … that will make you spend a night in which reality will overtake your imagination.
Want to find out who’s behind the mask or do you prefer the mystery?
EROS means swing … EROS means pleasure … EROS means fun!
For a party success, we recommend that all members adhere to the clothing code:
For HE: Themed costume and mask.
For SHE: Theatrical costume, vintage costume or corset, mask and high heels.
The masks will be offered by us at the club entrance.

Swinging Sunday Sunday 3 March HOUR 10:00PM
Happy Mărțișor !!! Friday 1 March HOUR 10 PM