Sexy Tattoo 2-3-4 July At 10:00PM

Sexy Tattoo Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2-3-4 July At 10:00PM

tatuaj sexy
“Sexy Tattoo” In recent years, tattooing has become fashionable. On this occasion, we want to pay homage to that form of body expression in a unique party, we invite you to Eros Club Swing Bucharest to show your tattoos, to seduce yourself through them, transforming the club into a living art gallery on canvas empty.
More than ever, the protagonists will be you and the indelible messages you carry to explain who you are.
Three evenings dedicated to exhibitionism, but also to the art of tattoos, especially for those who have tattoos in very private areas !!!
A visual spectacle and a temptation even for those who are not yet tattooed Attend our Sexy Tattoo event …
Dress Code: to be in tune with the event and the season, during the party you can stay in swimsuits or underwear to expose your tattoos. (It is not mandatory)
Bar & Buffet FREE !!! for all participants.
We recommend entry until 11:30PM.

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