Women’s Day Sunday-Monday 7-8 March 2021

                             Womens-Day 7-8 March 2021

Women’s Day – Ladies Night a gala evening dedicated to SPLENDID, SENSUAL, WONDERFUL & FANTASTIC Fine Woman !!! in which the ladies will be the protagonists and all night long they will be pampered… occasion to give the loved one an exceptional gift …
Women’s Day is an international event dedicated to ladies and girls who are invited to leave their worries at home, to forget about their daily problems and chores and to come to an evening specially designed for them.
Ladies, at Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest there will be a party in your honor with a lot of good music that will keep you on the dance floor and the erotic games will be as always with a lot of people.
For a March 8, fun celebrate Women’s Day, a special swingers party dedicated to eroticism, sensuality and feminine pleasure.
On Women’s Day, we will pamper our wives by giving them an evening in which all their wishes will be fulfilled. Women’s Day International Event for Ladies !!!
March 8 is a very special event in which we celebrate and cherish women around the world. We invite you to Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest Romania to spend Women’s Day, it will be three days in a pleasant, serene environment where fun is the main component, mixed at the same time of hygiene and safety, a clean and safe place where you can freely express your eroticism, your desires, your pleasures, having fun without other thoughts but always with mutual respect.
Dress Code: For Ladies: All the ladies present at this event are recommended to wear seductive lingerie, elegant sexy dresses and high heels.
For Gentlemen: Elegant or Casual
Dear friends, we are waiting for you starting with: 22.00 with Aperitif, Prosecco & Buffet, we always want to offer you the best … it is an event that should not be missed !!!