Extravagant Swingers Friday & Saturday 1-2 April

Extravagant Swingers Friday & Saturday 1-2 April At 10:00PM

Extravagant SwingersGet rid of your inhibitions and have fun with us at Eros Club Swing at Extravagant Swingers which is an active party regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference, fetish or whatever be your fantasies: extravaganza is the right party for… YOU !!!
Sextravaganza is a very interesting sex party dedicated to all, couples, single men and single ladies who appreciate active evenings, where they can fulfill all their fantasies.
In short: something for everyone. Are you curious? Then you are welcome!
Dress Code: Sexy, Extravagant …

Swingers Parties 2022 Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7-8-9 January At 8:00PM

Swingers Parties 2022 Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7-8-9 January At 8:00PM
Swingers Parties 2022The new year 2022 starts at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest with maximum fun, special buffet and of course music until dawn.
Eros Park Club Swing in Bucharest is a libertine club dedicated to emancipated couples, single ladies and single gentlemen in search of erotic adventures, which has the great pleasure of inviting you to spend with us the swingers events of 2022.
You can create any swingers event or find it at Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest, because we care about creating a quiet and welcoming environment, where everyone feels at home, free to be themselves! Our famous parties that we have been organizing for over six years are presented with all the essential ingredients to spend fun evenings full of adrenaline, passion and of course discretion.
There is no difference between those who have just entered this world of swing to discover and experience new horizons and those who have frequented it for a long time: you will all be welcome!
We will give you our utmost commitment to make you feel at ease immediately, so that your dreams, erotic games and other fantasies come true.
As always, there will be at your disposal any type of structure and space to satisfy your fantasies: a large living room with comfortable leather sofas designed specifically to create opportunities for socializing but where sensuality, intrigue and passion are deepened!
The erotic disco, the Glory Holl room, the Dark Room, the free room dedicated to the exhibitionists, the cinema hall, the bar, all in confidentiality and absolute guarantee.
Confidentiality, discretion, respect for women and good manners are the essential conditions that our members must consider.
Eros Park is a SWING CLUB in which class, elegance, sensuality, intrigue, passion, creativity, fun, novelty, complicity, respect and professionalism are our keywords that have always made our events special …

We look forward to seeing you at our 2022 events !!!


Swingers events are not organized at random!
Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest was founded in 2015, it is a libertine attraction club in which quality and respect are the words that guide all interactions.
Thanks to discretion, hygiene, passion and fun, our club has started to grow more and more.
For almost six years, Eros Park has been organizing swingers events in Bucharest, themed, exclusive events based on attraction and group play.
We manage with special attention the events and meetings between swingers, our concept being based on respect, education and cleanliness.

evenimentele swingers
Why choose swingers events in a club?
At Swingers Clubs, the concept of entertainment takes on different tones and is always themed with your desire to completely release the routine of your evenings and that will make every moment spent memorable and full of emotions.
The swingers events in the clubs are unique and completely involve you because it is an attractive, intriguing, captivating world, a mysterious place, where you can enjoy the pleasures of sex life with your partner and other people like you.
At swingers events the number of curious people increases, on the other hand the choice and the possibility to meet interesting people increases. Participating for the first time is always the most difficult, many ideas in mind, many doubts and fear of asking questions so as not to look like a novice.
In swing clubs, everyone can participate in such parties, as long as the rules of dress and the rules of consent are followed.

Evenimentele SwingersYou do not have to attend swingers events in clubs, you can just have fun watching other people and this is ideal for exhibitionist couples, to get an idea, we can say a few things we tried to avoid:
1- mixing those who make a complete exchange with those who play easily
2- no “just couples” parties (ladies risk getting bored if a gentleman has “defects”)
3- not parties with many single gentlemen, their number is always half the number of couples (the situation could degenerate and there could be problems)
Participating in swingers events means playing with your sexuality, not your frustrations and the most important thing is that in the club participation in the game is not mandatory, everyone can satisfy their pleasures, fantasies as they wish, of course with mutual respect for people in jur.
What do you think if sooner or later you were invited to a spicy swingers party based on a lot of fun …?

Swingers, the libertine lifestyle

Swingers, the libertine lifestyle

The world or the phenomenon of swingers is the lifestyle that defines all those married or engaged people who intend to change their partner regularly, they are called swingers.

The phenomenon was born in the world of antiquity and has grown over time with the emergence of swingers clubs, all those couples, but also single people who want to spend very special and pleasant evenings, will certainly have to focus on adult entertainment offered by a Club Swingers that involve greater intimacy and are frequented by several people on a regular basis who can enjoy the pleasures of life with other people and friends.

Swingers in Romania

In Romania, more precisely in Bucharest, the first official swingers club was founded in 2003-2004 and was called Aphrodite located somewhere at the entrance to the commune of Pantelimon, it was a very large and beautifully arranged club that if it had resisted would have faced many libertine clubs in Europe and even around the world, also had a great contribution and has the internet with the forums of pleasures and sexual relations, social networks of dating between couples, swingers dating sites between couples, single men and single women etc.

Swing has become a widespread libertine practice in recent years involving many couples, men and women willing to try this new lifestyle. Once upon a time, men wanted to experience this new erotic game, but lately women also find it very interesting to meet different people with whom to have fun and indulge in the pleasure of pure sex.

If you experience a feeling of boredom, monotony from which you can not get out, then we are waiting for you in this world to change your concept of fun, creating innovative entertainment that will improve your relationship and ensure that you can be truly satisfied. of your final choice.

The Eros Park Swingers Club team wishes you a lot of fun !!!