Pure Sensuality

Pure Sensuality Friday, Saturday & Sunday 14-15-16 May At 10:00PM


Dear friends, come and visit us, we are waiting for you at another magical evening of pure sensuality in the world of Eros, where you will be the real protagonists … The evening dedicated to couples and single people looking for fun, pure sensuality, strong emotions and spontaneous challenge in the context of a swingers club, with a set of comfort and services for all our members and not only.
Being a swinger often means being free to highlight your hidden side, that of erotic fantasies, pure sensuality that you can share with your partner.
Sensuality can be revealed in every gesture that comes from within, it is part of our mentality and thinking, it should not be confused with beauty or charm, pure sensuality makes you more fascinating and interesting in the eyes of the people you want to conquer.
A person is sensual when provoking, excites the senses especially with reference to eroticism.
If you feel like a sensual person who likes the challenge or has been challenged then we are waiting for you at Eros Swingers Club designed to encourage, stimulate and create those challenging opportunities that the couple’s fantasies want … the right alchemy that sets the spark to create the “SOFT” ones, as well as the “HARD” ones …. We look forward to seeing you!
Three perfect evenings to make new meetings and experiences! Come and have fun with us … disco music, to relax, we are at your disposal in the only swing club in Bucharest with erotic disco. Join us, explore new horizons, in Bucharest you have only one choice! Eros Park Swingers Club Discover us…
Ladies clothing: a dress, a skirt or something sexy and sensual and of course there is nothing more sensual than a woman aware that she is gorgeous when she moves and swings her hips with a pair of high-heeled shoes.
For Gentlemen: Elegant or Casual