Erotic Cinema at Eros Swingers Club Bucharest

Erotic Cinema Friday, Saturday & Sunday 16-17-18 April At 10:00PM

Erotic Cinema
Erotic Cinema

Erotic Cinema a swingers party dedicated to all those extremely exhibitionists eager to be admired, aware of offering pleasure to all admirers and partners.
Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest presents three evenings dedicated to erotic cinema, a wide and varied world whose boundaries are difficult to draw, we try to outline the perversions and human desires hidden in the depths of every human being.
Erotic Cinema is at your disposal either the whole cinema or a relevant place !!! The theme of these evenings is ARTA – Erotic projections with exciting real situations at Erotic Cinema in Eros Swinger Club.
The sequences vary, but remain related to eroticism, sensuality and zest for life, all your senses will come into operation until a volcanic eruption.
The experience and atmosphere of an Erotic Cinema, for several reasons can never be replaced by a click on the computer.
Your moral sense and good taste define the limits within which you act. Whether you’re watching the movie or paying attention to the person next to you, it’s up to you.
Erotic Cinema, entertainment, games and intrigue, mixed with elegance and sensuality of the body, The games are determined, the atmosphere is immediately warm, the meeting point and exchange of first approaches, glances will be in the cinema area within the club, making possible a quick transition to the game.
At Erotic Cinema both newcomers and experienced hedonists are welcome.
We are waiting for you at this event if you are curious and in the same way you decided to experience an erotic emotion!
Many things are allowed on these three evenings, but not all.
Dress Code – Smart Casual For gentlemen: a casual suit, a sports jacket, a blazer. But you don’t need a tie.
For ladies: a dress, a suit, a skirt, a blouse or something sexy and sensual.