Work day Swing 29-30 April & 1 May At 10:00PM

Work day Swing Friday, Saturday 29-30 April & Sunday 1 May At 10:00PM
Work day SwingA party in sexy work clothes … We look forward to seeing you all at Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest to celebrate together “Work day Swing” a unique and exclusive location, where the feeling of freedom and challenge is born spontaneously …
This is without a doubt the EROS Club every night will be mythical … always unique and ………. different !!!
“The eros of desires awaits you!”
Dress code recommended by us to keep up with the event:
For ladies: sexy work equipment. (It is not mandatory) !!!
For gentlemen: WORK clothes. (It is not mandatory) !!!
We ❤ EROS Swingers Club
Thank you once again to all those who choose to spend their evenings with us.

Valentine’s Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-12-13 February At 9:00PM

Valentine’s Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-12-13 February At 9:00PM
Valentine's DayWe celebrate three evenings of love at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest ❤️ Romance and challenge will combine to create a perfect combination, to offer couples and the single three unforgettable nights.
Eros Park Swingers Club invites you to participate in the Valentine’s Day event dedicated to Valentine’s Day, a swingers party dedicated to love in all its forms, not only the romantic one, but especially the intriguing one. We will create a party with a magical and evocative atmosphere in a refined and elegant setting, where couples and singles will meet in the whirlwind of love and transgression that fully reflects the night of Valentine’s Day, an atmosphere by candlelight that will stimulate complicity and the sensations you have always wanted, living them with a little eroticism.
Ladies dress code: we recommend sexy red dresses and high heels, special accessories are welcome (as sexy as possible) ❤❤❤
Men’s dress code: long-sleeved shirt, matching pants.