Club Swingers – The Concept

Club swingers is the concept of fun that is always present in any person who aims at an open and modern culture of life and ensures that every moment spent is unique with interesting experiences, emotions, passions and fantasies.
An interesting look, a smile, a conversation enriched by a refined challenge, an erotic socialization: these are the suggestions you can find in a Swingers Club which is a normal nightclub where you can enjoy dinner or listen. good music, but the evening after is completely different, confidence grows on comfortable sofas and becomes pure pleasure due to various private spaces of different sizes, dark light makes the atmosphere interesting, stimulating, very hot and perverse making you forget completely the outside world.
Everyone who visits a swingers club must feel safe and free to express their sexual emotions and fantasies without limits or prejudices … all with the education and respect you deserve.


In the West, the concept of club swingers began in the 70s and over time they became public places of meeting and pleasure, places to experience erotic fantasies and dissolve inhibitions where those who practice swing go like any club, their motto being: “Nothing is mandatory everything is done for pleasure”
The freedom you find in a swingers club does not mean that you can do what you want, but to understand where your common sense and that of others end.
Inside a swingers club you will find people with various options: couples for couples, couples for single gentlemen, couples for single ladies, threesome, orgy, fetish, cockold, voyeur, exhibitionist couples (those who play with the partner in the same room and likes to be watched), couples with her bisex, swinger / non-swinger couples, couples on first experiences, soft dating couples, curious couples, single ladies and single gentlemen.
If you like the concept of swingers club, exchanging partners, all you have to do is go to a Swingers Club where you will meet people of all ages who have the pleasure of unique experiences with other people.
The Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest team is waiting for you to spend unforgettable evenings.