Swingers Style in the Club Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 December At 10:00PM

Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest “Swingers STYLE in the CLUB”
Every weekend we like to involve our members (Couples, Ladies and Gentlemen) in a refined and particular environment, based on a different approach and behavior style.
Our club is a place where, in addition to relaxing in the movie theater with the screening of Hard movies to tease passion, dance and challenge, you can meet to socialize. In fact, the arrangement of the location allows different spaces in which: those who meet and want to socialize to know each other, are not disturbed by the music proposed by those who like to dance in the disco area, while those who play in the private areas they will never be disturbed. Let’s say it is a slightly more European style, where the Club is interpreted as a place where you meet, talk while you drink and you can enjoy buffets, have fun with Disco Music and, if you like, play and allow yourself complete freedom to feel yourself.
We are pleased to see that more and more couples, singles under the age of 30 participate in the events of Eros Park Swing Club Bucharest, which makes us proud and means we can create fun for all age groups.
Dress code for these three evenings:
Elegant, Casual for him, Sexy, elegant for her.

” I LOVE MILF ”…Wednesday & Thursday 11-12 December At 10:00PM
Sweet Sensations Friday, Saturday & Sunday 6-7-8 December At 10:00PM