Swingers LifeStyle Friday 6 March At 10:00PM

The Swingers LifeStyle told by those who live their sexuality with an extreme naturalness and spontaneity.
Whether it’s the Swinger Lifestyle, our beliefs and beliefs matter little, but one thing is for sure … The charm of the unknown dominates everyone !!! and this is why Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest has decided to dedicate this Friday to the Lifestyle swingers with all its deepest facets, we expect many to discover together the Life Stile Friday !!!
The purpose of the evening is to bring together beautiful and elegant people in a welcoming and extremely erotic environment, where it will be easy to get to know and speak in the most appropriate way for your LifeStyle.
Dress code:
For him: Casual elegant
For her: Sexy dress and high heels

Celebration Women Day Saturday & Sunday 7-8 March At 10:00PM
Living Erotic Toys Wednesday & Thursday 4-5 March At 10:00PM