Swingers at Eros Club Friday, Saturday & Sunday 15-16-17 November At 10:00PM

What is a Swing, Swinging or Swingers? also known as swing partner or swing lifestyle or swingers, is a well-developed practice, swing occurs when one couple engages in sexual intercourse with another couple, with multiple couples or single people in for recreational or social interaction purposes.
In practice, the sentence already explains how it is a kind of game or an agreement between couples or single people, where for the agreed time, usually one evening, you borrow the partner of another couple or single people and vice versa.
Couples exchange has always been one of the favorite activities of the people who attend Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest, who come to us to meet other couples or other single people.
The swing is also called “play” and the people involved are “play partners”.
Those who practice this game for a long time define it as something extremely erotic and fun at the same time, in which in full harmony and collaboration, for one evening you decide to change your partners.
The most important thing for those who want to start a couple exchange is to always have respect and kindness with the new partner; In addition, even if it seems strange at first, it is essential to know that those who participate have the same interest as you to have fun without feeling in difficulty and playing by their own rules.
So remember that Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest hosts many people who already practice this game and that we will offer all the friendship and kindness that determines us to make you available.
We are waiting for you … and remember that the more you will be, the more confrontations you will have !!
What are you waiting for? Call us !!!

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