Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest is a place where respect is the word that guides all interactions.

We want each person to feel safe and free to express their emotions. Freedom, however, does not mean “being able to do what you want”, but to understand where one’s own ends and that of others begins. Our club is a place for meeting and pleasure, a place for experimentation and the release of inhibitions.

We want everyone to feel comfortable inside the restaurant, that’s why we have written tips for those who approach this exciting world.

– We care that nobody, in any way, should feel compelled or forced to any kind of unwanted interaction. This requires special attention towards others, body language and speech tone. Making yourself understood and intuiting the answer is not difficult, you just need attention, instinct … and Eros.

– Always ask for permission. Nothing is due in this place: inside you will find people, who will be there for the most varied reasons (those seeking transgression, those out of curiosity …) and every motivation, as well as every answer, must be respected.

– Creating a serene atmosphere of mutual trust, both with singles and with couples, will surely be an excellent start for your experience.

– It is essential to take care of your personal hygiene; in fact, it is remembered that it is a common and shared place, where spaces and situations require exceptional attention.

– Pay respect to the couple as such and pay fair attention to both components. Never insist if you notice a dissent on their part.

– Avoid vulgar and out of place comments. Education is essential and always well seen in people’s eyes. A polite appreciation will certainly be more appreciated.

– Do not introduce camcorders, cameras and cell phones. We are in a place of pleasure and not in a video studio. Enjoy the sensations the moment you experience them.

What we want to tell you is: respect and you will be respected.
Education is the fundamental ingredient to create the right atmosphere for the success of the evening.

Any person, or couple, who should behave inadequate or disrespectful of others and the local, will be removed.

For those who have not yet decided how to spend an evening with strong emotions erotic and transgressive intriguing with swingers parties,
Swingers Club Eros Park in Bucharest is the ideal solution.


Bring Always remember: Swingers Club is meeting place for couples, single ladies and single men intending to play in various manners: in groups, exchanging partners etc.

People themselves are usually accepted, but they must have a proper and decent behavior in any situation that is created.

A really good tip would be to be behaving normally, as you go to a disco or in another place, so we must humor, dancing, and who appreciate your presence you can befriending.

Immerse yourself in the club, and if it creates the right atmosphere between couples / person, to be sure interested / a and make you understand that you should continue to get to know.

And clothing has its role, it is recommended that ladies be dressed elegantly, and ladies should be sexy, mysterious etc …

Conduct educated, discreet and reserved offers a greater potential to create friendly relations with other participants.

The club remains a place with well defined purposes, why not stay disillusioned seeking life partner among the participants.

When you befriended first times it is recommended that you do not fully trust, therefore, you should not let personal data, addresses, no. phone etc. (banned and the club rules).

Inside the club happens all, you are free to propose or decline and be refused, therefore, it is not mandatory to have sex just by simply being part of the club.

It is not allowed to touch the body ladies, as long as its behavior in complicity with the partner will not be authorized. As long as the couple does not agree, you are asked to depart without further comment, (sometimes can be little disagreement) it is better than refusing to be expressed by EA (no thanks) and usually one does not withdraw without of bother later.

If there are intimate places, separated only by a simple curtain, we advise you not open the curtains closed (if there is a reason !!!). The Club is fundamental privacy.

As home to you, be sure to let clean bathrooms and other spaces. If you find something in disarray, please cautioned lead.

If couples are somehow leaves the door open when “playing” with single people, other people (couples and single people) can enter the room only if they want to participate in the “game” …

Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest is an elegant and refined place for swinger, couples, single ladies and single mans.
The adult club that satisfies your desire for transgression!