Sexy BIKINI Swingers Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3-4-5 July At 10:00PM

“Sexy Bikini Swingers Party” an attractive, fascinating and very sexy swingers party where the ladies will be entertainers with a “Only Sexy Bikini” parade and lots of fun, all at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest Romania, where always the intriguing, extraordinary and fantastic atmosphere is without limits.
We are waiting for you at the “Sexy Bikini Swingers Party” !!! A Swinger and libertine party.
To create a fun atmosphere and to be in tune with the season, after midnight all participants are invited to stay in bikinis, but it is not mandatory!
Bar & Buffet FREE !!! for all participants.
We recommend the entrance until midnight.

HOT and ACTIVE Pleasures Wednesday & Thursday 8-9 July At 10:00PM
GANG BANG Opening Wednesday & Thursday 1-2 July At 10:00PM