Passion never Ends Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-12-13 October At 10:00PM

Indulge yourself in an exciting new experience at Eros Park Swingers Club the most exclusive swing club in Bucharest where you can experience your erotic thought with reality.
Passion is that noble and ancestral feeling, inherent in the nature of the human being.
Passion makes people curious, stimulates the intellect and makes you feel alive.
Without passion, life would be monotonous and insignificant.
This weekend, we will be seduced by the passion, the unlimited desire to enjoy ourselves, the desire to stay with many friends and the strong emotions that only those who own know how to try.

Life deserves to be lived only with passion!!!

Do you like my BODY ? Wednesday & Thursday 16-17 October At 10:00PM
Enjoy your Partner Wednesday & Thursday 9-10 October At 10:00PM