PARTY GANG Wednesday & Thursday 2-3 October At 10:00PM

In Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest two HARD nights for those who want … more !!!
Two nights suitable for COUPLES, SINGLE Ladies and SINGLE Mens who want to “PLAY IN GROUP” The more there are at stake the better … here at Eros Park Club Prive ‘Bucharest everyone is having fun and spontaneously. .. True reality!
THE GAME IS BEAUTIFUL IF IT IS “TRUE” ……. Meditate !!! It will be a very HOT party but at the same time elegant and respectful of the limits and desires of all participants, freedom and respect are always at the top of our list of values.
Both Couples, SingleLadies and ‘SingleMans will be carefully selected to care for creating an evening not to be forgotten.

Intimate Swingers Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 4-5-6 October At 10:00PM
Autumn in Love Friday, Saturday & Sunday 27-28-29 September At 10:00PM