No Lingerie! Friday, Saturday & Sunday 25-26-27 October At 10:00PM

A seductive, sexy and intriguing Swingers party !!! The event of these three evenings gives the ladies the opportunity to have clothes, but without underwear, dear to this swingers party give free rein to your fantasies and leave your underwear at home.
Who doesn’t like the idea that your partner or HER you’re not talking about wearing underwear?
We like it so much … and, for this weekend, the key word at Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest is: Without underwear!

Run your fantasy and with a little dexterity you will discover who wears the underwear and who does not …
Who does not come does not know what to lose !!!

Erotic Fetishism Wednesday 30 October At 10:00PM
Group Play is Better Wednesday & Thursday 23-24 October At 10:00PM