Come with us to celebrate NEW YEAR 2017.
Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest do not want to lose the opportunity to prepare the party:
“New Year 2017”.

Eros Park Swingers Club organizes a refined cocktail party, fine wines and a superb buffet dinner. We try to satisfy any desire – salty, sweet, bitter and spicy in any number of combinations magical.

Spend the last hours of 2016 in our company enjoying a tasty dinner and listening to the best music in one erotic disco in Bucharest. If you want to dance all night, do not miss “New Year 2017”. You can be sure that libertine, sensual Swingers Club Eros Park in Bucharest will enjoy a night of fun.

Eros Park doors will open at 20.30.

You will have available all the time to accustom, to socialize and eat, but be careful! at midnight the atmosphere will be so electrifying that will rise up and hair … and the party will not stop until dawn !!! Come in Eros Park Swingers Club for a night erotic, exciting, hot … unleash your driving back to all the old year and the new one intampinatil 2017.

Since this is one of the biggest events of the winter program of Eros Park club will advise you to book in advance within 10 days. You can not miss an event like this!

For reservations and information please call at no. 0040726965491 or write us at the email address:

Reservations can be made up to 31 December. Limited seats !!!

1 JANUARY 2017 - Swingers PARTY Sunday 1 January HOUR:22.00
EROS PARK FREE NIGHT – PROMO Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 28-29-30 December HOUR:22.00