Meet, Flirt & Eros Sunday 16 June At 10:00PM

When Saturday ends, but the desire still remains …
When you need a place to meet …
When, after a wonderful walk in town, you decide to do something … or simply when you want to …
Sunday at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest is the answer and the ideal place to meet each other, to wish each other and to give life to your passions.
The Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest doors open at 22:00 with music and obscure lights in a refined, elegant and erotic environment.
For the party’s best success, we recommend that all members observe the clothing code:
He: pants and shirt.
She: Stylish, sexy and high heels.

Very indecent - No UNDERWEAR Wednesday & Thursday 19-20 June At 10:00PM
Sexy & Hot Seduction Friday & Saturday 14-15 June At 10:00PM