Gifts for Ladies Sunday 1 March At 10:00PM

Traditional Romanian event, a swingers party dedicated to beautiful sex !!!
A perfect combination of elegance and pleasure !!!
Gentlemen, why give from March 1 a dozen Ghift, just because the gesture matters, when you can offer an evening at Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest where tonight the ladies will have Erotism, Dance and Music!
A fantastic event dedicated to the ladies who will have the opportunity to choose the most beautiful GIFT.
Do you want to experience a unique and exclusive atmosphere? Then come to Eros Club Swingers who can offer you all in one night !!!
To be in tune with this special evening’s event, we recommend that you follow the dress code
For Ladies: Elegant sexy dresses and high heels.
For Gentlemen: Elegant or Casual.

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EROTIQUE CARNIVAL-International PARTY Friday & Saturday 28-29 February At 10:00PM