Erotic ICE CREAM in Eros Friday, Saturday & Sunday 23-24-25 August At 10:00PM

Is it very hot? no problem we’ll take care of you, come to Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest to cool off!!! the title says it all, no other words are needed, it will be a cool explosion that will be pleasant and not only.
An event, characterized by lust and not only, three evenings in which we have to cool ourselves with ice cream, will you decide how to taste it in a cup or naturally?
We are waiting for you to spend a fun weekend.
ice cream will be offered by us to all participants !!!
For more information and reservations please contact us by phone or WhatsApp at: 0040726965491

SOMEBODY to Play? Wednesday & Thursday 28-29 August At 10:00PM

Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest presents “SOMEBODY to Play?” When all couples, single ladies and gentlemen swingers singing unleashed in two nights unrestrictedly and without inhibitions, mental intrigue, bodies that touch each other, eyes, comforts who will find their climax in a peak of eroticism that will make you spend two nights in which reality will overtake your imagination.

Cuban Swingers Style Friday, Saturday & Sunday 30-31 August-1 September At 10:00PM

Three crazy and hilarious nights at Eros Park Swinger Club Bucharest where you will have an exclusive event: “CUBAN Swingers Style” a unique party where the color explosion combined with eroticism will be the essentials for three magic nights. The colorful and very sexy original costumes will be the attraction of this spectacular event.
The Erotic Disco, which is the point of attraction, will accompany us throughout the evening with Cuban salsa music.
In order to create a fun atmosphere, participants are asked to observe the evening dress code (but is not required).

For him: Elegant, chic, summer shirts with floral prints, white shirts, t-shirts with big and zigzag prints, shorts, but they should be elegant.
And, of course, the famous white hat you wear in Cuba should not be missed!
For her: Chic and elegant, of course high heels !!!, all kinds of beautiful summer and beach dresses, floral dresses, salsa costumes and for who she wants can spend the evening in a swimsuit.
It will be impossible to lose this event … hurry up and reserve immediately InfoLine & WhatsApp:

Glory Hole 4 ALL Wednesday & Thursday 4-5 September At 10:00PM

Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest is always looking for new members suggestions.
Glory Hole is one of the most exciting and mysterious erotic practices you can experience.
The room is dark with perforated walls and partitions for erotic games.
The beautiful pleasure of the unknown. From whom will you take or to whom will you please? Release your imagination and focus only on the sensations … Who will be beyond the wall?

DISCO & Sexy Animation Friday, Saturday & Sunday 6-7-8 September At 10:00PM

Swinger event that will accompany all your erotic fantasies with Disco music, which will be confused with eroticism. Fantastic background music in a magical night at Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest, fun and transgression the essential elements …. music, vibrations and atmosphere …. without ever forgetting that the protagonists will be ONLY YOU …..
We recommend getting to midnight. Come and meet your fantasies! We are waiting for you !!!

Like it HARD Wednesday & Thursday 11-12 September At 10:00PM

Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest is the place of entertainment with ambience designed specifically to allow you to have fun in total freedom.
Temptations you can not resist: Wednesday & Thursday Hard in Bucharest.
Two nights with couples, single ladies and singles guy young and uninhibited !
You can meet with people from different parts of the world and from all over Romania … what are you waiting for?
InfoLine & WhatsApp:
📲 0040726965491

Back to School with us – International Special Event !!! Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 September At 10:00PM

The new school year begins and finds us in shape after the summer vacation, a little more missing but at the same time excited for a swinging lesson …!
We are here to open the class and bring you back to the climate of September in the most alternative way …! ?)
We invite teachers but also students to put on their school clothes and come to the sexiest … adult school in Bucharest, of course without an entrance exam! ?)
If at Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest is the place you want to do your homework? Then I was waiting for you …

Erotic Challenge Wednesday & Thursday 18-19 September At 10:00PM

“Erotic Challenge” at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest two erotic evenings. An exclusive event, open to all trends couples, single ladies and single guys. This event is recommended for experienced people looking for hardcore action or newcomers who feel 100% ready for active participation.
We recommend Dress Code:
Ladies – shoes with high heels and challenging clothing.
Men – Casual or elegant.
For information and reservations InfoLine & WhatsApp:
📲 0040726965491

Finish of the 2019 SUMMER Friday, Saturday & Sunday 20-21-22 September At 10:00PM

We would like to welcome this wonderful summer season with all our members and future members!
We arrived at the last weekend of the fantastic summer season 2019, to live again three original nights in Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest …. eroticism, fun and challenge are the essential elements … music, vibration and atmosphere. … but remember that the protagonists are ONLY YOU ….. the original reality of the Capital Swinger. We are waiting for you!
We always remind you that clothing at the entrance to the Club is IMPORTANT, so we recommend the following Dress Code:
Ladies – Sensual, sexy dresses and high heels.
Men – Casual. No sportswear !!!

PAREO Sensual Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2-3-4 August At 10:00PM

Hello everyone!!!
Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest presents: “PAREO Sensual Party” an incredible and exceptional event, full of joy and lots of animations! It will be a long weekend … “Pareo Sensual Party” will start on Friday, August 2, at 22:00, and ends Sunday night at 02:00
What could be cooler and more comfortable than a pareo? pareo is the accessory that more than any other makes us think about the summer and the long days on the beach … it is sexy, cool, fluid, colorful and … sensual. In short, it’s an excellent classic that never gets demoted. But not only!
We will see as always numerous to spend three evenings, fun, erotic and very sensual,
all this in the middle of the summer.
We will not tell you the rest, come and see …
Try a new way to live in your favorite club: it has never been so beautiful!
Anyway … thanks to everyone because the Eros Park Swingers Club is a special place!
Dress code
For Her: Sexy Pareo, high heels
For Him: Casual Summer