Do you like my BODY ? Wednesday & Thursday 16-17 October At 10:00PM

Erotic & Special Event !!! in the middle of the week at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest a swingers party dedicated to emancipated couples, single ladies and gentlemen in search of exhibitionism, freedom is desired, the desire to seduce … the clean taste of beauty … “two natural nights” … in which everyone participates and no one can look … “Two Nights Nights” where the pleasure of exhibitionism is attraction and seduction … allow yourself to be seduced by passion and free your mind and body …
Two evenings of FREEDOM in Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest !!!

Group Play is Better Wednesday & Thursday 23-24 October At 10:00PM

A special event full of fun and action recommended for experienced people looking for hardcore action or newcomers who feel 100% ready for active participation.
Eros Park Club Swing is dedicated to couples swingers and everyone who shares their inspirational principles. Transgression, Couples games Libertine, Sexy entertainment for singles, two evenings for lovers of exchange. Voluntary exhibitions will liven up the event, all in the elegant and refined classical style of the Eros Park swingers club in Bucharest.

No Lingerie! Friday, Saturday & Sunday 25-26-27 October At 10:00PM

A seductive, sexy and intriguing Swingers party !!! The event of these three evenings gives the ladies the opportunity to have clothes, but without underwear, dear to this swingers party give free rein to your fantasies and leave your underwear at home.
Who doesn’t like the idea that your partner or HER you’re not talking about wearing underwear?
We like it so much … and, for this weekend, the key word at Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest is: Without underwear!

Run your fantasy and with a little dexterity you will discover who wears the underwear and who does not …
Who does not come does not know what to lose !!!

Erotic Fetishism Wednesday 30 October At 10:00PM

Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest presents a swingers party for lovers of free life and bizarre sex … an unmissable greenhouse with extremely erotic, tempting, attractive and intriguing situations !!! it is the desire to stay together, to know you and to share your emotions and experiences, as such, the concept is realized by you participants.
Enjoy a late night and experience the unique and unrepeatable fetish this Wednesday night at Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest!
“I don’t care about normal life. I’m just looking for the most intense moments. I’m looking for the wonderful ”
Wear your full fetish and indulge in the pleasures of Eros.

Dress code: Erotic accessories, Latex, Leather & Sexy Lingerie.
It will be impossible to miss this event … call us on 0040726965491 and on WhatsApp.

HALLOWEEN PANIC ! Thursday 31 October At 10:00PM

Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest presents: “Halloween Panic!” An extraordinary event.
Halloween is the night when anything can happen …. ghosts, witches and creepy atmospheres will fascinate you, creating within you an irresistible desire to expose unknown dimensions … in a strictly EROS style. Live your naughty fantasies and secrets at this swingers party, are you ready to be scary, scary sexy at our fifth Halloween party?
The terrible and sexy ghosts come to play and haunt the night at Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest and to make this night of October 31 a mysterious, sexy and funny party choose your disguises with your erotic imagination (ghosts, devils, sexy assistants, vampires or a fairy tale character) mysterious costumes ready to surprise, ready for evil, ready for fun.
Dress Code: It would be preferable for all members to adhere to the dress code themed costume
All members will adhere to the strictly necessary dress code:
For Him: Halloween themed costume, or elegant suit and black shirt.
For Her: themed costume, Halloween themed dress and high heels.
❣ ❣

Transparent World Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1-2-3 November At 10:00PM

Get ready with pure passion for the transparent world of Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest!
We start in November with a special idea “Transparent World”, we want to see you in a transparent dress that you can not use anywhere else. Dresses and transparent lingerie will surely guarantee the perfect outfit for the ladies, while the gentlemen can wear elegant casual clothes.
We want to see the perfect body trained in these three evenings, we want to have a very open and sexy atmosphere with open people ready to animate these beautiful nights.
Dress Code: We recommend for ladies dresses and transparent lingerie and for gentlemen casual elegant.

Tease Me, Please Me Wednesday & Thursday 6-7 November At 10:00PM

Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest awaits you in a refined environment discreet and exclusive for two unforgettable nights, where the meeting of two bodies in harmony is a deep ecstasy that will meet the deepest awakening of the senses.
There will be slow, gentle and wide gestures: it is as if the hands would make a harmonious choreography on the body. There is everything you need to have fun, to motivate you, to know you and to challenge you … never to forget that the protagonists are ONLY YOU …..
There will be two nights to spend … once again all together … sensuality and fun are the key words !!!
We expect many for this different game, for an interesting meeting …

The Nights of the VULGAR Women Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8-9-10 November At 10:00PM

This weekend Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest invites all the ladies from couples at the party: “The Nights of the VULGAR WOMEN” … With its overwhelming charm … and vulgar … a feminine and sensual woman who charms the man with her undeniable sensuality, vulgarity , ease and unscrupulousness … a wicked and desirable woman, an inveterate seducer who can lose the sense of reason of any man … all at ” The Nights of the VULGAR WOMEN” a seductive swingers party at which all ladies have the opportunity to dress provocatively and vulgar !!!
Dress Code:
👨 For him: we recommend elegant suit and black shirt. (but not required) Dress to impress !!!
👩 For her: we recommend vulgar sexy dress and high heels. (but not required) Dress to impress !!!

Passion never Ends Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-12-13 October At 10:00PM

Indulge yourself in an exciting new experience at Eros Park Swingers Club the most exclusive swing club in Bucharest where you can experience your erotic thought with reality.
Passion is that noble and ancestral feeling, inherent in the nature of the human being.
Passion makes people curious, stimulates the intellect and makes you feel alive.
Without passion, life would be monotonous and insignificant.
This weekend, we will be seduced by the passion, the unlimited desire to enjoy ourselves, the desire to stay with many friends and the strong emotions that only those who own know how to try.

Life deserves to be lived only with passion!!!