Swimsuit Celebration Friday, Saturday & Sunday 14-15-16 August At 10:00PM

Swimsuit Celebration, a SEXY weekend… fun in swimsuit, we are tropical at Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest so bring your sexiest swimsuits and come to the party with us!
If you don’t have a swimsuit with you then show off in the sexiest lingerie …
To create a lively evening all participants are invited to come with swimsuits !!!

But it is not mandatory. 

Play & Fun ICE CREAM Friday, Saturday & Sunday 21-22-23 August At 10:00PM

At Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest, three nights without limits for those who want more. Ice Cream Party !!!
Is it very hot for you? no problem… we cool you down !!! it will be an explosion of coolness …
Participants will have the opportunity to fulfill all their erotic fantasies by playing with ice cream… You can’t miss such a particular and sensual party !!!
We are waiting for many of you to spend a fun weekend.
ice cream will be offered by us to all participants !!!
Have fun !!!

THREESOME Wednesday & Thursday 2-3 September At 10:00PM

The most beautiful evenings of the swingers clubs in Bucharest ” THREESOME Swingers PARTY”! … only at Eros Park Club Swingers.
Two inimitable evenings dedicated to the
Threesome game and group sex …
We look forward to many couples participating, all with charm and high sensuality.
In fact, we recommend wearing appropriate clothing for the event.
Therefore, pants and shirts are recommended for men, while sexy dresses and high heels are recommended for women.
A captivating cleavage and clothes with sexy transparencies are the right exhibitionism to receive attention from other couples.
All couples of any erotic gender and sexual fantasy can participate in this event:
-She Bisex Couples.
– Swinger / non-swinger couples.
-Exhibitionist couples.
-Couples on first experiences.
– Soft dating couples.
-Single ladies and Single gentlemen.

The White Swingers Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 4-5-6 September At 10:00PM

EROS PARK SWINGERS CLUB presents: “The White Swingers Party”
Three overwhelming evenings, in which white will dominate the stage, giving the EROS Club an air of elegance and refinement.
Dress code: White… sexy for ladies, elegant for men, hats, scarves and strictly white accessories.
In order to have an intriguing and sexy fun, we recommend that all participants stay in white underwear after midnight. (it is not mandatory)

Goodbye Summer Season !!! Friday, Saturday & Sunday 18-19-20 September At 10:00PM

Goodbye Summer Season !!!
Hi everyone !!! an amazing event to greet the summer, which is about to end, full of transgression and eroticism … what better opportunity to greet the end of summer 2020 and welcome the new season in the company of new and old friends.
It’s time for intriguing erotic games … sensual dances … you will find all this at EROS PARK SWINGERS CLUB BUCHAREST !!!
And it doesn’t stop there …. It will be 3 nights to play … once again all together … transgression and fun are the watchwords !!!
This event is dedicated to all those who want to leave an indelible memory of a summer spent under the banner of fun and eroticism.

Swingers Summer Socializing Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7-8-9 August At 10:00PM

New swingers party in Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest, super exclusive event to bring all young people under 30 in the magical world of swingers!
Unique event in a pleasant company with lots of friends with whom you can socialize and have fun.
An event for all couples, ladies and gentlemen alone who love the intimate, erotic and sexy atmosphere!
Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
Free Bar & Buffet for everyone !!!

PAREO Sensual Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 31 July, 1-2 August At 10:00PM

PAREO is the accessory that never goes out of style, it is sexy, cool, intriguing, full of color and … sensual.
Do you like comfort? Do you want to be free … cool? then we want you all comfortable … all in swimsuits and PAREO … at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest where we organize PAREO Sensual Party.
It will be three erotic nights, very sensual, full of colors, joy and a lot of fun !!!
To be in tune with the event, all participants are invited to come with swimsuits and PAREO!
Dress code:
For Her: Pareo sexy, high heels and of course under Pareo … nothing!
For Him: Casual Summer
MAXIMUM FUN… Are you ready?

TOPLESS Exciting Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 24-25-26 July At 10:00PM

In these three evenings total freedom and nudity, we pay full attention to the ladies who want to show off their breasts!
“TOPLESS Exciting PARTY” at Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest! A party at Swingers and Libertina in TOPLESS where everyone can show up and play topless … let’s get naked for action … what can be more beautiful?
Freedom, total relaxation and exhibitionism are beautiful which is why everyone plays TOPLESS!
For all participants the drinks will be free and the ladies from couples over 3 will participate for free at this event.
Dress Code: We play topless, leave your clothes useless at the wardrobe, clearly only for those who want to. Nothing is mandatory !!!
The polite ladies stay home, the naughty ones come to Eros Club Swingers Bucharest to relax your breasts!