Eros Swingers Club INFORMATION COVID-19

Eros Swingers Club Bucharest notifies that in accordance with the new Decision COVID-19 for the protection of the health of all our members and not only, starting with October 9, 2020 Eros Park Swingers Club will remain closed.
We also have, together with all the people in this country, the obligation and the responsibility to act preventively during this period.
Thank you and we want you to stay healthy.
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Valentine’s Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 February At 10:00PM

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 February 2021

Valentine’s Day is a special day with red roses and chocolate boxes, so join the Temple of Eros at the most sensual, sexy and erotic event of the year.
Love is the most beautiful and sublime feeling that exists in the universe, which gives meaning to life and makes people fulfill their dreams and be better.
On this occasion, we dedicate this weekend entirely to lovers and those who have put love and passion at the center of their lives … Therefore, we invite all couples in love to celebrate this special day with other lovers, in an environment where communication about your sexual needs is not only justified, but encouraged.
Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated every year, is a magical day full of love and an unimaginable desire to fulfill your erotic whims because there is no purer and nobler feeling in the world. If you want to make Valentine’s Day more erotic, creative and more interesting this year, talk to your partner about swingers and come to Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest and have fun as if you were playing in your own bed room, these experiences will ensure that Valentine’s Day is not only unforgettable, but also a powerful bonding experience in the couple’s relationship.
Valentine’s Day one night with your partner with others in a sexy game, a fun designed for all couples in love to discover their sexual fantasies that they are both passionate about.❤❤❤ Come to Eros Swingers Club where you will meet wonderful people with whom you can have fun! It’s all you need, a change of scenery to diversify your mood.
Women’s dress code: we recommend red clothes and high heels, special accessories are welcome (as sexy as possible) ❤❤❤
Men’s dress code: long-sleeved shirt, matching pants.

CARNIVAL SWING PARTY 26-27-28 February

swing party
Carnival Swing Party 26-27-28 February 2021

CARNIVAL SWING PARTY is the sixth Carnival party signed by Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest!
We will start immediately with an explosive party on the occasion of the most hilarious and crazy event of the year: CARNIVAL SWING PARTY! Eros rituals and seduction with masks! Hidden faces, lost identity, erotic jokes and Brazilian dances between ladies and gentlemen.
We will be happy to celebrate the 2021 carnival with you in an exclusive location, carefully selected to ensure comfort and privacy. You will experience this evening in a fun atmosphere and, as usual, you will have large spaces, beautiful and comfortable rooms, used as playgrounds.
Mental intrigue, touching bodies, looks, caresses that will culminate in a peak of eroticism that will make you spend a night in which reality will surpass your own imagination.
All this in the company of beautiful couples and many friends. International Carnival Swing Party is a truly spectacular event with a fun atmosphere that will give each participant the opportunity, simply wearing a mask, to choose and interpret a new identity to be discovered.
CARNIVAL SWING PARTY, the most fun, hilarious and crazy Swinger Party in Bucharest accompanied by BRAZILIAN music … Pamper yourself in disguise, choose the mask that suits you best and come to the sexiest party of 2021 !!!
EROS means swing … EROS means pleasure … EROS means fun !!! This is now our motto, this is the EROS style … this is what EROS intends to do … and this is what we want to share with you all …. CARNIVAL SWING PARTY !!!
As usual, to create a fun atmosphere, we recommend that you follow the evening’s dress code: masks, colorful costumes and other carnival accessories.
For her: colorful sexy dress, high heels and sexy mask !!!
For him: carnival-themed costume !!!
The masks will be offered by us at the entrance to the club.
CARNIVAL SWING PARTY – Masquerade Sexy Party an event signed Eros Park Luxury Swingers Club Bucharest.

Women’s Day Sunday-Monday 7-8 March 2021

                             Womens-Day 7-8 March 2021

Women’s Day – Ladies Night a gala evening dedicated to SPLENDID, SENSUAL, WONDERFUL & FANTASTIC Fine Woman !!! in which the ladies will be the protagonists and all night long they will be pampered… occasion to give the loved one an exceptional gift …
Women’s Day is an international event dedicated to ladies and girls who are invited to leave their worries at home, to forget about their daily problems and chores and to come to an evening specially designed for them.
Ladies, at Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest there will be a party in your honor with a lot of good music that will keep you on the dance floor and the erotic games will be as always with a lot of people.
For a March 8, fun celebrate Women’s Day, a special swingers party dedicated to eroticism, sensuality and feminine pleasure.
On Women’s Day, we will pamper our wives by giving them an evening in which all their wishes will be fulfilled. Women’s Day International Event for Ladies !!!
March 8 is a very special event in which we celebrate and cherish women around the world. We invite you to Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest Romania to spend Women’s Day, it will be three days in a pleasant, serene environment where fun is the main component, mixed at the same time of hygiene and safety, a clean and safe place where you can freely express your eroticism, your desires, your pleasures, having fun without other thoughts but always with mutual respect.
Dress Code: For Ladies: All the ladies present at this event are recommended to wear seductive lingerie, elegant sexy dresses and high heels.
For Gentlemen: Elegant or Casual
Dear friends, we are waiting for you starting with: 22.00 with Aperitif, Prosecco & Buffet, we always want to offer you the best … it is an event that should not be missed !!!

Couples Swinging Working

Cupluri Swinging
Couples Swinging Working

Couples Swinging Working Saturday 1 May at 10:00 PM.
We look forward to swinging couples in Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest to celebrate “Swinging Working Couples” together.
Come and spend two evenings with us in a fun atmosphere where you have the opportunity to meet personally, many Swinging Couples.
Live your fantasies like a dream that teases your senses … then leave, forget everything and return to reality. This is, without a doubt, the EROS club, a unique and exclusive location, where the feeling of freedom and challenge is born spontaneously … every night is mythical … always sexy, unique and ………. different !!! “Swinging couples waiting for you!” seduction in sexy work clothes … Dress code recommended by us to be in tune with the event:
For ladies: sexy work equipment. (It is not mandatory) !!!
For gentlemen: WORK clothes. (It is not mandatory) !!!
We ❤ EROS Swingers Club
Thank you once again to all those who choose to spend their evenings with us.

GANG BANG STYLE January 2021

Gang Bang Style Friday Saturday & Sunday 8-9-10 January 2021 at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest.
Gang Bang Style is a swingers party dedicated to female pleasure, offering people with similar thoughts a safe sexual environment to explore their erotic fantasies and wildest desires.
The Gang Bang game is the most recurring and vivid erotic fantasy in the mind of the woman of yesterday and today or the bodily challenge of a woman with several guys for her, which is nothing absurd, strange and inexplicable !!!
In the past there was little talk about the gang bang style because the world was more reserved, today more than talking about this style we have the opportunity to get down to business.
Gang Bang is the number one female fantasy, we girls of all types, ages, social categories like to feel admired, to pamper our passions, playing and relaxing, we like to be the masters and protagonists of the group game, enjoying us of all that an adventure can offer.

gang bang
Gang Bang

We invite you to discover your hidden desires in Gang Bang Style, where your mind will be the only one that will mark your limits. Of course, always with the utmost respect and courtesy, because there is a place for everyone, freedom and respect along with style, kind of charm and intelligence are always a priority for us.
In addition, the Gang Bang style is one of the most enjoyable swingers parties in our club where you can experiment and try new things that can make your life very interesting.
Eros Park Swingers Club from Bucharest invites you to Gang Bang Style a swingers party, libertine and exciting that will have no limits, but at the same time elegant that respects the limits and desires of all participants.
Gang Bang is recommended for experienced people who do not intend to waste time and who are fans of hardcore games or newcomers who feel 100% ready for active participation.
For your intimate moments of absolute relaxation, our naughty rooms are at your disposal !!!
Thank you all and we are waiting for you ready for Gang Bang Style !!!

Cupluri Swing Reunite Fri., Sat. & Sun.11-12-13 Dec.

Swing couples reunited for Erotic Dance & Play swingers party!
Swing couples reunited as always to spend three evenings, attractive, fun, erotic and very sensual.
A special location is needed for a special occasion – The games are determined, the atmosphere is immediately warm at first glance, making it possible to quickly move to the game.
A big reunion of Swing Couples in Bucharest in the most famous Eros a Luxury Multizone Swingers Club where you can play freely among 7 secret themed rooms, erotic cinema, glory hole, dark room, room with bars, etc.
The entire location will be used freely, without space restrictions and the sexy disco where the music of the moment will accompany you will be the meeting point and exchange of first approaches where swing couples will give free rein to games and intrigues, mixed with elegance and sensuality.
It will be three very popular nights to bring together swing couples of all ages from 18 to 50 years old.
Many expect the participation of several swing couples in the first experiences as we recommend that tonight you do not immediately sink into transgressive delirium and approach the world of swingers in a more “soft” way – discover the peak of Eros desire among couples swing…
We are waiting for you at this event if you are curious and in the same way you decided to experience lust and love, erotic emotion, innovation and animation, new and bright things!
You can live your fantasies completely free in a game with other swing couples because at the reunion of these three evenings you are completely among yourself – discover the fun of trying things together!
We at Eros Swingers club Bucharest put your fun in the first place in total safety, we always want to excite you because we want to leave you a beautiful memory.
If you don’t know how to change a boring evening into an attractive and challenging one, come and meet us and meet fun people!
These nights are for you!

Swingers, the libertine lifestyle

Swingers, the libertine lifestyle

The world or the phenomenon of swingers is the lifestyle that defines all those married or engaged people who intend to change their partner regularly, they are called swingers.

The phenomenon was born in the world of antiquity and has grown over time with the emergence of swingers clubs, all those couples, but also single people who want to spend very special and pleasant evenings, will certainly have to focus on adult entertainment offered by a Club Swingers that involve greater intimacy and are frequented by several people on a regular basis who can enjoy the pleasures of life with other people and friends.

Swingers in Romania

In Romania, more precisely in Bucharest, the first official swingers club was founded in 2003-2004 and was called Aphrodite located somewhere at the entrance to the commune of Pantelimon, it was a very large and beautifully arranged club that if it had resisted would have faced many libertine clubs in Europe and even around the world, also had a great contribution and has the internet with the forums of pleasures and sexual relations, social networks of dating between couples, swingers dating sites between couples, single men and single women etc.

Swing has become a widespread libertine practice in recent years involving many couples, men and women willing to try this new lifestyle. Once upon a time, men wanted to experience this new erotic game, but lately women also find it very interesting to meet different people with whom to have fun and indulge in the pleasure of pure sex.

If you experience a feeling of boredom, monotony from which you can not get out, then we are waiting for you in this world to change your concept of fun, creating innovative entertainment that will improve your relationship and ensure that you can be truly satisfied. of your final choice.

The Eros Park Swingers Club team wishes you a lot of fun !!!


Club Swingers – The Concept

Club swingers is the concept of fun that is always present in any person who aims at an open and modern culture of life and ensures that every moment spent is unique with interesting experiences, emotions, passions and fantasies.
An interesting look, a smile, a conversation enriched by a refined challenge, an erotic socialization: these are the suggestions you can find in a Swingers Club which is a normal nightclub where you can enjoy dinner or listen. good music, but the evening after is completely different, confidence grows on comfortable sofas and becomes pure pleasure due to various private spaces of different sizes, dark light makes the atmosphere interesting, stimulating, very hot and perverse making you forget completely the outside world.
Everyone who visits a swingers club must feel safe and free to express their sexual emotions and fantasies without limits or prejudices … all with the education and respect you deserve.


In the West, the concept of club swingers began in the 70s and over time they became public places of meeting and pleasure, places to experience erotic fantasies and dissolve inhibitions where those who practice swing go like any club, their motto being: “Nothing is mandatory everything is done for pleasure”
The freedom you find in a swingers club does not mean that you can do what you want, but to understand where your common sense and that of others end.
Inside a swingers club you will find people with various options: couples for couples, couples for single gentlemen, couples for single ladies, threesome, orgy, fetish, cockold, voyeur, exhibitionist couples (those who play with the partner in the same room and likes to be watched), couples with her bisex, swinger / non-swinger couples, couples on first experiences, soft dating couples, curious couples, single ladies and single gentlemen.
If you like the concept of swingers club, exchanging partners, all you have to do is go to a Swingers Club where you will meet people of all ages who have the pleasure of unique experiences with other people.
The Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest team is waiting for you to spend unforgettable evenings.


The swinging community …
Have you ever wondered what it is, who is part of the swinging community and if swinging in general is for you?
The swinging community is made up of couples, single gentlemen and single ladies who decide to approach this exciting world because they have discovered that they have a sexuality that seeks something more than classic monogamy, to break the monotony of the couple especially when long relationships have become boring and devoid of diversions without the other being jealous that their partner interacts with other people (play partners), they become more and more attracted, more eager for each other, and the aspect of deception disappears.
The swinging community includes open-minded people who have no interest in others and have a very well-defined definition (rules of the game), namely that they know how to respect their limits, those of their partners and those around them.

comunitatea swinging

By exchanging partners, couples who enter the swinging community consider it an interesting way to spend their free time, want to get out of their daily routine and stimulate their sex life.
At the base of a couple’s relationship that is part of the swinging community is respect, they have a very open relationship, they have no secrets, they are not wrong, complicity in the variety of experiences and sexual adventures with other people improve their relationship, their love becomes more intimate, they know partner in depth.
You should try at least once without fear and inhibition with the right people who have the same inclinations, fantasies and perversions, considering that no one, in any way, should feel constrained or forced to any unwanted interaction, it is a simple game erotic that starts and shakes in that place and if you felt attracted you can repeat it several times a month or more regularly on weekends.
Enjoy the pleasure and sensations when you experience them, as well as peace and mutual trust, it will definitely be a great start to your experience in the swinging community.
Whether or not you are part of the swinging community, communication is the main element of a couple’s relationship and if each person learned to do it more frequently and especially honestly, the divorce rate would decrease significantly.
A libertine lifestyle leads to a high level of couple communication.
Lastly, don’t forget the respect you should always have for your partner, regardless of his or her final decision.
The Eros Park Swinger Club team wishes you a pleasant swing !!!