Provocation ICE 30-31 July, 1 August

Provocation ICE Friday, Saturday & Sunday 30-31 July, 1 August At 10:00PM
provocation iceAt Eros Park Club Swing in Bucharest, unlimited erotic games for those who want more !!!
Are you very hot for sure? no problem… we cool you down !!! there will be an explosion of ice cold …
Participants will have the opportunity to fulfill all their erotic fantasies by playing with ice…
You can’t miss such a particular and sensual swingers party !!!
We are waiting for many of you to spend a fun weekend.
The ice will be offered by us to all participants !!!
Have fun !!!

PAREO Transparent 27-28-29 August

PAREO Transparent Friday, Saturday & Sunday 27-28-29 August At 10:00PM
pareo transparentA party for people who do not want to give up the “Lifestyle Swingers”, but try to live it in total safety and freedom.
PAREO is the beach accessory that never goes out of style, it is transparent, sexy, cool, intriguing, colorful and … sensual.
Let’s play with transparency in these three evenings, see or not see will ignite all your senses.
Do you like comfort? Do you want to be free … cool? then we want you all comfortable … all in swimsuits and PAREO … at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest where we organize PAREO Transparent Party.
It will be three erotic nights, very sensual, full of colors, joy and a lot of fun !!!
To be in tune with the event, all participants are invited to come in swimsuits and PAREO!
Dress code: For Her: Pareo sexy, high heels and of course under Pareo … nothing! It is not mandatory !!!
For Him: Casual Summer MAXIMUM FUN… Are you ready?

Hawaii ALOHA 23-24-25 July At 10:00PM

ALOHA Hawaii  Friday, Saturday & Sunday 23-24-25 July At 10:00PM
hawaii alohaEros Park Swingers Club Bucharest presents: “Aloha Hawaii Exotic Party” … Come to HAWAII with us !!!
Among our events in the summer of 2021 can not miss the summer party: ALOHA Hawaii.
A theme that never goes out of style, that will bring together more and more … HOT and sexy !!!
Together … we will celebrate “ALOHA Hawaii Swingers Party” with Hawaiian music, of course the dance floor will be the attraction of the party and not only …
Bar & Buffet Free !!! for all participants.
There will be three very happy, sexy, exotic and full of surprises evenings… .in Eros …
We don’t want to reveal anything to you anymore, come and find out and you will understand … but if it weren’t for a real loss … …
The ideal dress code to enter the party atmosphere more easily, we recommend themed costumes:
For her: sexy colorful dress / Hawaiian skirt / Hawaiian necklaces / sandals with high heels.
For him: casual summer, preferably white or floral shirts.

TOPLESS in Eros 16-17-18 July At 10:00PM

TOPLESS in Eros Friday, Saturday & Sunday 16-17-18 July At 10:00PM
toplessIn these three evenings of nudity and total freedom, let yourself be seduced by the perfume of EROS, we pay all our attention to the ladies who want to show off their breasts!
TOPLESS in Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest! A special event with a lot of fun and challenge in TOPLESS where everyone can show off and play topless … let’s go naked for action … what could be more beautiful?
There is everything you need to have fun, tease, get to know and challenge yourself, the Eros Club awaits you in a refined, discreet and exclusive setting for three unforgettable nights.
Freedom, total relaxation and exhibitionism are something beautiful that’s why everyone plays TOPLESS! For all participants the drinks will be free and the ladies from couples over 3 will participate for free in this event.
Dress Code: we play topless, leave your useless clothes in the wardrobe, clearly only for those who want. Nothing is mandatory !!!
The polite ladies stay at home, the naughty ones come to Eros Club Swingers Bucharest to relax my breasts!

BIKINI Swingers Party 9-10-11 July At 10:00PM

BIKINI Swingers Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9-10-11 July At 10:00PM

bikini swingers“Bikini Swingers Party” an attractive, fascinating and very sexy swingers party in which the ladies will be the entertainers with a parade “Only Sexy Bikini” (swimsuits) and a lot of fun, all at the Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest Romania, where always the intriguing, extraordinary and fantastic atmosphere is limitless.
We are waiting for you at the “Bikini Swingers Party” !!! A swinger and libertine party.
To create a fun atmosphere and to be in tune with the season, after midnight all participants are invited to stay in a bikini, but it is not mandatory!
Bar & Buffet FREE !!! for all participants.
We recommend entry until 11:30PM.

Sexy Tattoo 2-3-4 July At 10:00PM

Sexy Tattoo Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2-3-4 July At 10:00PM

tatuaj sexy
“Sexy Tattoo” In recent years, tattooing has become fashionable. On this occasion, we want to pay homage to that form of body expression in a unique party, we invite you to Eros Club Swing Bucharest to show your tattoos, to seduce yourself through them, transforming the club into a living art gallery on canvas empty.
More than ever, the protagonists will be you and the indelible messages you carry to explain who you are.
Three evenings dedicated to exhibitionism, but also to the art of tattoos, especially for those who have tattoos in very private areas !!!
A visual spectacle and a temptation even for those who are not yet tattooed Attend our Sexy Tattoo event …
Dress Code: to be in tune with the event and the season, during the party you can stay in swimsuits or underwear to expose your tattoos. (It is not mandatory)
Bar & Buffet FREE !!! for all participants.
We recommend entry until 11:30PM.

SEX on the BEACH 25-26-27 June At 7:00PM

SEX on the BEACH Friday, Saturday & Sunday 25-26-27 June At 7:00PM

Sex on the Beach

Let’s have fun at “Sex on the BEACH” in Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest a naughty and sexy summer fun.
The purpose of these three evenings is to bring together beautiful and intriguing people in a welcoming and extremely erotic environment, where it will be easy to get to know and socialize in the most appropriate way … LibertyLifeStyle.

To create a fun atmosphere and to be in tune with the season, after midnight all participants are invited to stay in a bikini, but it is not mandatory!
Bar & Buffet FREE !!! for all participants.
We recommend entry until 8:00 PM.

Swinger SUMMER 2021

Swinger SUMMER 2021 Friday, Saturday & Sunday 18-19-20 June At 7:00PM


Are you ready for a sexy summer? Come and spend this weekend in the sexiest way possible with a diverse group of like-minded people.
We are waiting for you at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest in a refined, discreet and exclusive setting for an unforgettable party, for the 6th consecutive year we will celebrate the opening of the summer season with very fun, erotic and sexy swingers parties.
Three phenomenal and unique evenings with everything you need to have fun, get to know yourself and of course play.
There will be unforgettable Swingers events !!! Welcome SUMMER 2021 at EROS Swingers Club!
DRESS CODE: To be in tune with the summer season do not forget to come with the sexiest and most colorful clothes, we recommend that all participants after midnight stay in swimsuits or underwear !!! (it is not mandatory).
We have been promoting quality and discretion for many years because they are the key words and that is why we appreciate all those who visit us.
We look forward to seeing you at the summer parties in 2021 !!!
Bar & Buffet FREE !!! for all participants.
We recommend entering the club until 8:00 PM.

Vulgar and Transparent Dresses 11-12-13 June At 7:00PM

Vulgar and Transparent Dresses Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-12-13 June At 7:00PM


Summer is approaching and the spirits are heating up !!! and that is why we are waiting for you at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest where there will be three very HOT nights really special, offering the opportunity to all the ladies to dress in the most vulgar and transparent dresses. Vulgar and Transparent Dresses
Dress Code: We recommend vulgar and transparent clothing to ladies.

Liberation Party !!! RESTART !!! Saturday 5 June At 7:00PM

Liberation Party !!! RESTART !!! Saturday 5 June At 7:00PM


Dear swingers friends, free thinkers are finally back and in complete safety, in order to be able to return to find the taste of the air of freedom, all this at Eros Swingers Club Bucharest which reopens its doors with ‘Liberation Party”
A welcome drink will be available from 7:00PM, all accompanied by beautiful music.
The year 2020 reserved for us unexpected surprises, who would have thought ?, at the same time it taught us so many things and made us understand how important are those moments that we did not consider, we did not give Careful.
From this totally ASOCIAL period we learned to appreciate the goods we have, the beauty of those braids and passions that make the whole world of swingers special.
Indeed, this period united us, although we stayed away, they made us understand how beautiful it is to dedicate ourselves to our pleasure, how important it is to be a SELECTIVE project, how much seriousness matters, how much stupid and useless are gossip, losing freedom during all this time, now the true value of small things is clear to us, and the challenge is born and fed by small things …
You have no excuse not to be here !!!                             We are waiting for you … at ‘‘Liberation Party”