Swingers Style in the Club Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-14-15 December At 10:00PM

Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest “Swingers STYLE in the CLUB”
Every weekend we like to involve our members (Couples, Ladies and Gentlemen) in a refined and particular environment, based on a different approach and behavior style.
Our club is a place where, in addition to relaxing in the movie theater with the screening of Hard movies to tease passion, dance and challenge, you can meet to socialize. In fact, the arrangement of the location allows different spaces in which: those who meet and want to socialize to know each other, are not disturbed by the music proposed by those who like to dance in the disco area, while those who play in the private areas they will never be disturbed. Let’s say it is a slightly more European style, where the Club is interpreted as a place where you meet, talk while you drink and you can enjoy buffets, have fun with Disco Music and, if you like, play and allow yourself complete freedom to feel yourself.
We are pleased to see that more and more couples, singles under the age of 30 participate in the events of Eros Park Swing Club Bucharest, which makes us proud and means we can create fun for all age groups.
Dress code for these three evenings:
Elegant, Casual for him, Sexy, elegant for her.

Intriguing Games Wednesday & Thursday 18-19 December At 10:00PM

Intriguing games for couples, single ladies and single gentlemen.
At Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest, on Wednesday and Thursday, December 18-19, there will be two evenings with Intriguing games dedicated to intriguing and wicked couples, who like to seduce other couples, Single Ladies and Single Ladies in a very provocative way, creating exciting atmospheres with intriguing and sexy games, full of fun and challenge. The evenings are intended for all tendencies to satisfy all desires and erotic fantasies, we recommend sexy clothing to make a swingers party more interesting, exciting and attractive.
Two evenings open to all trends, Couples, Single Ladies and Single gentlemen.
Have fun!!!

No Limit Winter Friday, Saturday & Sunday 20-21-22 December At 10:00PM

The events at Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest continue with “No Limit Winter” a swingers party that opens the winter season.
We invite you to join us for the “No Limit Winter” the hottest swing party from the beginning of this winter dedicated to all participants who want to experience three evenings of eroticism without limits.
Let’s forget the cold winter weather by replacing it with the desire to have sex.
And when Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest organizes a party, it is always hot…

XXX-MAS International EVENT !!! Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 26-27-28-29 December At 10:00PM

Starting at 10:00 pm, Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest is ready to welcome its members for a warm and sensual Christmas swingers Party.
Celebrate with us the most sensual and sexy Christmas in Bucharest Romania, choose the “greatest gift ” and experience the challenge and perversion that only Eros Park Club Swing in Bucharest can offer you for an unforgettable Christmas.
The right bubbles, our sophisticated and refined social buffet will accompany you throughout the event, along with our music that will take you on an exciting night of desires and emotions.
Happy unconventional Christmas!

Eros New Year’s 2020 Eve Swingers Bucharest 31/12

This year, Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest welcomes you and invites you to a unique event not to be missed, the celebration of the new year “Gala of the New Year 2020” the most EXCLUSIVE NEW YEAR SWINGERS !!! in a unique and elegant location in Bucharest.
A New Year of Eros to distinguish it from all the others, so that it remains imprinted in special memories, protected from inhibitions and that every year will definitely be a success!
Entertainment at Eros Swingers Club will begin at 8:30 pm
From 20:30 to 21:30
Welcome aperitif and various culinary snacks to enter the magical atmosphere of EROS.
From 21:30
Superb buffet dinner, where you can enjoy our gastronomic specialties, delicious snacks, good wines, water, juices, prosecco accompanied by music to enjoy the new year 2020.
We try to satisfy any kind of desire – salty, sweet, bitter and spicy, in any number of magical combinations.
At midnight Celebrate the entrance of the New Year 2020 with good music and champagne bubbles for everyone, then let Eros dominate at night until dawn.
Surprises will not be missing !!!
At 00:15 the fantastic, beautiful and sensual Sexy Star Bonita, with her amazing body, will delight us with a Super Erotic, Sexy, Sensual and Provocative Striptease show

An endless party to experience the first night of the new year in the right style, to stand out from the rest.
The charm, elegance and passion will be the protagonists of the series.

Contributions for this evening:
Couple: 300 Lei
Single lady: 150 Lei
Single man: 500 Lei
Reservations are already open !!! Places are limited !!!

We recommend that you book in advance with up to 10 days to enter as soon as possible in the list of participants.
InfoLine & WhatsApp: +40726965491 or email us:
Eros Prark Swingers Club Bucharest awaits you at the most passionate, unique and exclusive party “REVELION Swingers 2020 !!!”.

Striptease Show WELCOME 2020 !!! Tuesday 31 Decembre

An unforgettable night for the celebration of the arrival of the new year!
Time 00:00 ** WELCOME 2020 !!! **
At 00:00 Celebration of the arrival of the New Year 2020 with CHAMPAGNE.
At 00:15 the party will be animated with a Super Sexy and Erotic Striptease show to honor the New Year 2020 in the most intriguing way with the beautiful and sensual Sexy Star Bonita! , which will give us a gift of a Hot Striptease Show that must not be missed !!!
It is advisable to arrive at midnight so as not to miss the show.
This is the EROS style … this is what EROS intends to do … and this is what we want to share with you all …

” I LOVE MILF ”…Wednesday & Thursday 11-12 December At 10:00PM

The great success of Wednesdays and Thursdays continues, with many attendees, who increasingly appreciate the ability to have fun during the week, without waiting for the weekend !!!
We will always spend two evenings full of fun, pleasure and eroticism in its most complete form in the only erotic nightclub in Bucharest Eros Park Swingers Club.

Sweet Sensations Friday, Saturday & Sunday 6-7-8 December At 10:00PM

“Sweet Sensations” is a refined swingers event dedicated to the sweet taste in honor of the first long-awaited party this month, the night of “Santa Nicolae” in which you will enjoy the most succulent candies !!!
Come to Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest, a place, a group of friends, with the desire to invent fun, erotic and intriguing events, take part in our events, you will get to know us better and make us new … friends .
To be in tune with the event we recommend evening dress with a theme of the evening that helps you get into the atmosphere of the Club.

Hot SEX in the DARK Wednesday & Thursday 4-5 December At 10:00PM

We invite you to the event: “Hot Sex in the Dark” that we want to celebrate with you.
Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest a unique and exclusive location where freedom, sensuality and eroticism of sex are born spontaneously.
A special mid-week event dedicated to Couples, Single Ladies and Lone Lovers of Darkness and HOT SEX … Eros club swing turns these two nights into a DARK room.
Two evenings of SEX and darkness, let yourself be seduced by passion and release your mind, body and freedom to your primal instincts.
You can not not participate in an evening so private and mysterious !!!

Swingers Pleasure Sunday 1 December At 10:00PM

Friends consider Sunday, the highlight of erotic desires at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest is triggering the challenge !!! it becomes the realm of those who want to have fun … where everyone is welcome and free to give life to the hidden desires and erotic dreams !!!
The games are decisive, the atmosphere is warm at first sight.
We look forward to this event if you are curious and equally determined to live an erotic emotion!