The essence of the swingers club

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The essence of the swingers club

The essence of the swingers club Friday, Saturday & Sunday 21-22-23 May

Our philosophy is based on the true essence of the swing club, in which nothing should be built, directed and simulated, the magical game of sex, where nothing is mandatory, but the rule of knowing how to catch your partner in an erotic game with authentic taste. Therefore, with us you will not meet fake couples or low quality singles, it is only you, with your charm, you will create the necessary complicity.
Often curiosity, monotony or simply the desire to live the relationship in full common freedom, pushes couples at some point to try to participate in an event in a swing club.
The sexy and erotic parties organized by Eros Park Swingers Club can be attended by: couples who change partners, exhibitionist couples, couples who are for the first time, soft couples, full swap couples, single ladies, single gentlemen, for the pleasure of living different evenings, to make new acquaintances, couple exchanges or group games, all without forced obligations, in a refined and elegant environment.
In this type of club it is premise and legitimate to propose, clearly with tact and education, if you do not want to “make friends” it is enough to remove the person in question, even with a simple gesture.
The essence of the swing club also consists in the type of clothing that is particular and very beautiful, so for men elegant or casual clothing and ladies have the opportunity and it is preferable to wear very sexy and attractive clothes.
The swingers club management reserves the right to select single gentlemen based on the number of couples present.
To avoid any problems it is always necessary to book by phone.
Dear friends, the essence of the swing club is waiting for you … every night is legendary … always unique and … different !!!

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