EROTIQUE CARNIVAL-International PARTY Friday & Saturday 28-29 February At 10:00PM

Leave all the rules behind and immerse yourself in this overwhelming EROTIQUE CARNIVAL dedicated to the whole world of Eros Park Club Swingers in Bucharest.
The seduction and transgression of EROTIQUE CARNIVAL will be the reason for this boiling party signed by Eros Park Luxury Club Swing Bucharest: the bright shades of the Carnival with lights and shadows as an elegant and refined seduction tool …
Carnival is the most festive and fun event of the season.

The mask, used in antiquity as a ritual object, is now used to assume different identities, to free itself from social obligations and to subvert hierarchies and established order.
In Venice, only during the carnival period after wearing a mask, he was allowed to violate any rule, always recognizing the authority of the Doge.
Erotique Carnival International Party is an event that will bring together the most diverse cultures, styles and characters.
There will be a truly cosmopolitan and international atmosphere, which will give each participant the opportunity, by simply wearing a mask, to choose and interpret a new identity, everything to be discovered.
Mental intrigue, mutually touching bodies, glances, comforts that will find their climax in a peak of eroticism that will make you spend a night when reality will surpass your own imagination, when the mask will allow you to see a few flaps. skin … When the desire grows in the dim reflection of half a light … when the mask falls and everything else with it … pamper yourself in disguise, choose the mask that suits you best and let yourself seduced by the craziest party of the year.
This is the EROS style … this is what EROS intends to do … and this is what we want to share with you all …
Impossible not to have fun, impossible not to attend a HOT night accompanied by BRAZILIAN music …….
As usual, we recommend that you adhere to the dress code required for these evenings but it is not mandatory
For her: Sexy colorful carnival dress, carnival accessories and high heels.
For him: Carnival costume
The masks will be offered by us upon entering the club.

Gifts for Ladies Sunday 1 March At 10:00PM
XXX - Play Full Wednesday & Thursday 26-27 February At 10:00PM