Eros Park Swingers Club is one of the first swing clubs opened in Bucharest about 4 years ago, our philosophy is based on the true essence of the swing club, where nothing must be built, directed and premeditated, the magic of playing sex, where nothing is mandatory, but the rule is to know how to capture your partner in a genuinely erotic game. That is why we will not meet fake couples or low quality lords, you are just yours with your fascination to create the necessary complicity.

EROS PARK SWINGERS CLUB Bucharest is where meetings are held.
It is therefore appropriate to impose some rules that all who come to feel safe and well.
On entering the premises of the club will complete a form with all the data, then you will be issued a membership card valid for 1 year (one year) supporter to be presented each time entrance fee you will pay and the data will stabilita.Toate We are in our custody respecting legal norms. As in all places have small Private Swing Club rules, ways of behaving to create an atmosphere pleasant and exclusive moments.

  • To join the club EROS PARK you must have at least 18 years.
  • Inappropriate clothing is prohibited. Preferably dress sexy for the ladies and for the gentlemen jacket and tie. Meanwhile the club reserves the right to select its members.
  • BAR is free, within the limits of common sense, and it is preferable to address skilled personnel to be served. Management reserves the right to require leaving the location, by those who drink abusively. The bar serves alcoholic drinks till 02.30.
  • Management reserves the right to control the effective participation of both sides of the couple (couples can not break inside the club).
  • It is strictly forbidden to approach ugly, vulgar and pretentious. Nothing is mandatory!
  • It is absolutely forbidden to change addresses or phone numbers inside the club.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones in the club.
  • It prohibits the use of cameras, telecameras, camcorders, laptops, tablets etc. inside or outside the club. For this reason it is not possible entry with bags, backpacks, etc. To store the latter are placed at your disposal, into the club, berths safety. However to safeguard the privacy of those around you and your club staff is not responsible for loss or damage to goods and values.
  • It is mandatory to always call before coming to make a reservation.
  • Single women can enter the Club only if accompanied by a couple who is already a member.
  • It is prohibited for club members to seek compensation in respect of services rendered, also have no right to raise claims regarding conditions and services that are offered.
  • It is forbidden alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Smoking is allowed only in special places.
  • Does not allow the club to persons intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, or by conduct or language disturbs other members.
  • It is forbidden offering money for sexual activities.

Violation of these rules during parties will lead to the exclusion and denial of access to the premises Club! Please send any personnel attempted violation of these rules!