EROS HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 5° Anniversary Saturday 18 July At 10:00PM

EROS Park Swingers Club Bucharest was born in 2015 from a project that aims to get the idea of the private club from the classic canons with which we are used.
Our idea of Club Swingers is that of a place where you can get together to share your sexual fantasies in complete freedom as if you feel at home; where week after week you will meet your “playing” friends.
So far I have summarized more or less what is happening in all clubs; but in reality it is not so because our power is and will be the selection. In addition to being swingers, our members need to be motivated and behave as such. Obviously, the speech is addressed to both men and couples who have reached an important stage of celebration together, the 5th year of life of Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest, 5 years of pure and true REALITY – “Sometimes dreams become reality “
We have created projects suitable for different situations, from simple socializing on a couch while enjoying a cocktail, to a mini erotic nightclub, to the intrigue created in our rooms.
For each past year you gave us unforgettable moments, making us think of the years spent as the most beautiful because we all made our joint project a continuous evolution full of surprises and achievements.
Since its first year, Eros Park Club Swing has initiated and encouraged many curious newcomers to this environment, immediately becoming an important point of reference for the history of the Romanian Swingers.
We have many plans and ideas for the future, but you will discover them over time, of course, the frequency of your presence will be very important. The association activity will be very varied and, in particular, you will never regret that you came to visit us.
That being said, we want to wish you all a pleasant “game”.
Thank you all for making Eros Park Swingers Club one of the most important places in the Swinger lifestyle in Romania.
Come and celebrate the 5th anniversary of Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest, having fun together as always !!!
Unique event in a pleasant company with lots of friends.
The most interesting anniversary of the year is waiting for you !!!
Book now !!! Happy Birthday
Eros Club !!!

Erotic Striptease Show on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary Saturday 18 July At 11:45PM
Erotic SEXY Nights Wednesday & Thursday 15-16 July At 10:00PM