EROS CARNIVAL – Masquerade Sexy Party Saturday 10 February HOUR:22.00

BAR & BUFFE FREE !!! For all participants.

Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest presents the exclusive international event “CARNIVAL 2018”, the most hilarious, fun and crazy party.
An evening where everything is allowed …….. a splendid EROS-style location where we will welcome our guests with the intention of spending a HOT night accompanied by BRAZILIAN music …….
EROS means fun … EROS means pleasure … EROS means swing
This is the EROS style … that’s what EROS intends to do … and that’s what we want to share with all of you ….
To create a fun atmosphere, participants are invited to observe the clothing code of the series: masks, colorful costumes.
For her: sexy colorful dress, high heels and sexy mask !!!
For him: carnival costume !!!
The masks will be offered by us at the club entrance.
EROS CARNIVAL Masquerade Sexy Party an event signed by Eros Park Luxury Swingers Club Bucharest.

Satisfaction & Pleasure Sunday 11 February HOUR:22.00
NO LIMITS PARTY Sunday 4 February HOUR:22.00