Cuban Swingers Style Friday, Saturday & Sunday 30-31 August-1 September At 10:00PM

Three crazy and hilarious nights at Eros Park Swinger Club Bucharest where you will have an exclusive event: “CUBAN Swingers Style” a unique party where the color explosion combined with eroticism will be the essentials for three magic nights. The colorful and very sexy original costumes will be the attraction of this spectacular event.
The Erotic Disco, which is the point of attraction, will accompany us throughout the evening with Cuban salsa music.
In order to create a fun atmosphere, participants are asked to observe the evening dress code (but is not required).

For him: Elegant, chic, summer shirts with floral prints, white shirts, t-shirts with big and zigzag prints, shorts, but they should be elegant.
And, of course, the famous white hat you wear in Cuba should not be missed!
For her: Chic and elegant, of course high heels !!!, all kinds of beautiful summer and beach dresses, floral dresses, salsa costumes and for who she wants can spend the evening in a swimsuit.
It will be impossible to lose this event … hurry up and reserve immediately InfoLine & WhatsApp:

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