The swinging community …
Have you ever wondered what it is, who is part of the swinging community and if swinging in general is for you?
The swinging community is made up of couples, single gentlemen and single ladies who decide to approach this exciting world because they have discovered that they have a sexuality that seeks something more than classic monogamy, to break the monotony of the couple especially when long relationships have become boring and devoid of diversions without the other being jealous that their partner interacts with other people (play partners), they become more and more attracted, more eager for each other, and the aspect of deception disappears.
The swinging community includes open-minded people who have no interest in others and have a very well-defined definition (rules of the game), namely that they know how to respect their limits, those of their partners and those around them.

comunitatea swinging

By exchanging partners, couples who enter the swinging community consider it an interesting way to spend their free time, want to get out of their daily routine and stimulate their sex life.
At the base of a couple’s relationship that is part of the swinging community is respect, they have a very open relationship, they have no secrets, they are not wrong, complicity in the variety of experiences and sexual adventures with other people improve their relationship, their love becomes more intimate, they know partner in depth.
You should try at least once without fear and inhibition with the right people who have the same inclinations, fantasies and perversions, considering that no one, in any way, should feel constrained or forced to any unwanted interaction, it is a simple game erotic that starts and shakes in that place and if you felt attracted you can repeat it several times a month or more regularly on weekends.
Enjoy the pleasure and sensations when you experience them, as well as peace and mutual trust, it will definitely be a great start to your experience in the swinging community.
Whether or not you are part of the swinging community, communication is the main element of a couple’s relationship and if each person learned to do it more frequently and especially honestly, the divorce rate would decrease significantly.
A libertine lifestyle leads to a high level of couple communication.
Lastly, don’t forget the respect you should always have for your partner, regardless of his or her final decision.
The Eros Park Swinger Club team wishes you a pleasant swing !!!