Eros Park Swingers Club

is the most cult and exclusive Club Swingers in Bucharest.
Only real couples, selected clientele and a strong international component.

Born in 2015, Eros Park Swingers Club is a privately owned club located in Bucharest in an easily accessible area. His goal has always been to promote the exchange of experiences between adults and consensual people to discover Eros’s refined world. Privacy and cordiality make Eros Park Club Swingers a pleasant and welcoming place where each member can experience true size. We, at Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest, are committed every day to offer our members the opportunity to experience healthy fun away from hypocrisy and close to the deepest sense of freedom.

Eros Park is the only club swingers that can offer you the right atmosphere because it is frequented by couples, single ladies and single gentlemans like you, who choose to live eros with elegance and refinement at their utmost discretion, in a charming, elegant, clean environment refined that offers its members maximum confidentiality.
A place specially designed to create opportunities for dialogue, but also sensuality, intrigue and passion are deep!
The club has a bar, a large room with comfortable leather sofas, a seating area, dark room, Glory Hole room and a video erotic room.
In another decent and elegant area there is our swingers, which is the heart of the Club where everything is allowed! in an exclusive environment, reserved and clean, all those who want, couples, single ladies and lords alone, will be free to satisfy their most intimate desires without any obligation or force, respecting themselves and other guests.
The involvement of music and obscure lighting will accompany you on a journey full of pleasure and transgression, where you can dare to feel free, without brakes and inhibitions.

Eros Park is a refined and exclusive Club Swingers, a landmark of the nightlife that is distinguished by its elegance and the pursuit of details.
It wants to be a center of eroticism, fashion, energy, aggregation and fun.
Eros Park is a simple swinger club, a real place where once entered the time seems to stop. Located in a quiet and reserved area of Bucharest, the club has an area of about 250 square meters where all the spaces were designed intelligently and designed to give you maximum comfort and make fantasies come true.
The buffet area will always be available for those who want something tasty.
The atmosphere immediately becomes incandescent in the various themes dedicated to erotic games, stimulating imagination.

The intimate location of the Eros Park Club Club Swingers Bucharest offers you varied evenings to push your eroticism as much as possible, our main goal is to offer you unique emotions and experiences, making you unforgettable swingers party. A further proof of Eros Park Club Swing Bucharest’s professionalism is that it is distinguished from places where many are accustomed to.

Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest
, which in a short time has become the reference point for swinger couples, single and single who love to transgress and equipped with every comfort and managed passionately and with experience offers a sexy disco, erotic cinema, Glory Holle, Dark Room, Bar and 7 Sexy Play Rooms as well as events and shows to make evenings more and more engaging.

Eros Park Swingers Club in Bucharest Romania is a private club ‘ preferred both couples amateur transgresiviti and by single people , where they can fulfill their erotic fantasies and where they can socialize in a relaxed atmosphere , particularly at a table at the bar , a snack buffet prepared every night for us and is available to our members.
We expect to spend special evenings , diverse , colorful and fantasy . You are invited to let out your own reality and fantasy thrown in seduction !

Eros Park Swingers Club is one of the most important swing clubs in Bucharest, famous for its seductive elegance, the spicy and refined atmosphere that has so much enthusiasm with its unique and unrepeatable style, we invite you to visit us in order to leave you in a special atmosphere, made up of perfumes, colors and sensations, where you can meet new people who love the play of seduction.

Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest offers an erotic disco, erotic cinema, massage room, dark room, glory hole and many intimate rooms, creating exciting situations in which exhibitonism becomes the norm, admitting people with no inhibitions willing to observe certain rules in the first place line of discretion, elegance and good presence.

You’re probably looking for us …
Looking for a place to escape with your mind and body?
here you will find what you are looking for, exhibitionism, swing, emotion, intrigue, fun and many new friends.
all this at Eros Park, the most exclusive swingers club in Bucharest. Enjoy!
Let’s know this world well …
The Swinger Club is a secret, interesting, intriguing, exciting mysterious place, where you can enjoy the pleasures of life together with your old and new friends.
From the club’s internal structure, to its furniture, to the chosen staff, every detail of our location is designed to offer maximum experience to those who visit it and spend time in it. Our club is located in Bucharest, a city where swing has always been present and can now be lived in our fascinating club.
You will be the protagonists of the evening in the club …
Each of you is free to do what he wants as long as he respects the club’s rules. Do you want to have sex with your partner or are you a swinger and you are looking for a change, do you like the exuberance? or do you just want to dance with our music to the limit ?, along with other people dressed in a very sexy way? All of this has been and is always possible with us.

Eros Park Swingers Club is the most loyal, known and most frequented Club Swing in Bucharest. A unique and exclusive 200 sqm environment. where meeting and socializing are favored by a refined atmosphere, where you will find maximum privacy, cleanliness, elegance and hygiene. Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest offers different environments, from erotic games to socializing.

Eros Park Swingers Club Eros Park Club Swingers Bucharest is the international swing club you are looking for in Bucharest, the only real alternative to any swing club in the capital.
Inside, you’ll find fascinating and exciting music that varies by the magical moment you create in the rooms, all to make the game of exchange between international target people who want to have fun as you, however, respecting the very high standards of education and respect.

Eros Park Swingers Club Bucharest a reserved, welcoming and family environment that offers visitors the opportunity to live their erotic fantasies and desires in complete freedom.
We are open to any kind of needs that include the pleasure of interacting and knowing other people, creating the right environment, but always with mutual respect, without force or programming.

Do you have a secret wish? You do not know where you could express to you? Here is the right place!
Respecting others and with their consent, you can spice up their lives with things that you only dreamed perhaps you or with your partner.

You can dance, you can “play” to experiment – you know what I mean, with maximum freedom! Here we are all for it.

No judge and no one is judged.

Here you can meet face across the street, that couple who lives 100 meters you / you, everything can happen here! Here the reality often exceeds imagination.

Description of Club Swingers Eros Park:

You will find a pleasant environment with many friends who think like you and spend a sparkling evening in a special environment with the opportunity to dance, have fun, make new friends, with lots of music and … much more … for whom he wants it!

You will have 7 rooms for “your games,” the room for couples to dark room where anything can happen in a maximum of anonymity, and a massage room where the ladies and only they can benefit every Saturday night relaxing massage only.
Our club is arranged as a park and therefore is entitled Eros Park, seeking to fulfill fantasies of all those who want a little color shade with their evenings.

We provide our customers couples room, which is a large room where they can meet their own fantasies, the camera input is a stair to let others do and observe quietly game.
Dark room is ideal for those who are just starting or are shy.
The other rooms are comfortably furnished and tastefully.
Cinema hall is a facility for those who wish to watch adult movies.
Mini disco is the beating heart of this local managing to combine all the moments of relaxation and good mood that our club is trying to offer them.
For couples themselves but also for those attending the club swing Eros Park is just a “game” is where you can socialize in a manner educated, and finally when the “game” ends, each returns to their reality.

New sensations:

The most important thing is that people in couples attending Eros Park, are becoming increasingly attracted more willing each other and look deception there, being able to put into practice the pleasures and fantasies, everything becomes complicity.
For ladies our club is the place where you can feel attractive and sexy, where they can give free rein to the imagination, and where they can display their toilets of the most attractive and sexy.

We advise everyone to come at least once to know Eros Park fantastic Swingers Club, even out of curiosity, and we wish the fun now!